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Financial Solutions for Alumni

An effective and user-friendly school banking platform designed to revolutionise payment collection, support student financing, and enhance overall financial management.


Sproutly operationalizes, you control

Your alumni has full visibility and control in a practical and optimized way with the largest base of financial management in the country.


Dynamic centralized data insights

Convert your data into comprehensible reports and dashboards, displaying crucial metrics through charts and widgets. Discover concealed insights, enabling well-informed decision-making. Easily share and export generated reports with both internal teams and external members.



Rest assured, regarding collections

Bid farewell to manual processes. Our automated collection solutions streamline your workflow, eliminating errors and ensuring a precise and efficient collection process.


Get reports with clear clarity

Go beyond the surface. Our reports offer a holistic analysis of your financial performance, breaking down complex data into actionable insights. Understand the nuances of revenue streams, expenses, and profitability with ease.


Collect and Manage Dues Seamlessly

With Sproutly, staying up to speed with paying dues has become a breeze. The platform's efficiency has eliminated the need for traditional invoicing or providing receipts to Alumni.


With Sproutly, staying up to speed with payments and transactions has become a breeze. The platform's efficiency has eliminated the need for traditional invoicing or providing receipts to students/parents. Now, everything is seamlessly managed within the system, allowing us to focus more on delivering quality education and less on administrative hassles.


Anderson Yibir

Eagle Class 2012

Sproutly OS
Cutting-edge features for advanced analytics

Explore custom dashboards curated for K12 Schools, Colleges, Universities and Edtechs. Tuition collection, Payment plans, Auto-invoicing, Debt Management, Loans and much more...

Bill and Collect

Send invoices, custom domains invoice links, multiple payment options and actionable reminders that encourages timely payments

Help Families/ Students Plan

Your students and parents can access payment options that makes education costs more manageable and flexible

Receive Payments

Receive and reconcile domestic and international cross border payments from anyone, anywhere in the world- at any time

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