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An excellent easy-to-use school banking platform that promotes equity and expands access to education through tuition collection, access to loans and financial management.

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Sproutly operationalizes, you control

Your edtecch has full visibility and control in a practical and optimized way with the largest base of school financial management in the country.


Deliver report with utmost transparency

Navigate your financial landscape effortlessly through our interactive dashboards. Visualize trends, track key metrics, and explore scenarios to gain a deeper understanding of your financial position.



Collections never got easier than this

Say goodbye to worries about school tuition collections. Our all-in-one solution seamlessly handles invoices, auto-receipts, and payments, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both administrators, vendors, and staff. Focus on education while we take care of the rest.

For University/Colleges

We streamline financial oversight

With Sproutly, your school has full visibility and financial control in a practical and optimized way in the largest school financial management platform in the country. Enroll new students, staff and vendors, monitor payment status both online and offline in a few clicks.


Rewards for Schools and Families

Unlock special privileges offered by our partners.

Join us in embracing a lifestyle enriched with exclusive perks. It's not just a transaction; it's an invitation to a world where every interaction unlocks special privileges crafted to enhance your journey.

For Students, Staff and Vendors

Ensure your payments are hassle-free and punctual

We specialize in simplifying the tuition payment process for students, as well as payments made by staff and vendors. Ensuring payments are made seamlessly and on time. Our flexible payment options and plans make managing tuition expenses and other payments a breeze, so you can focus on what matters with peace of mind.


Collect and Manage Fees Seamlessly

Our intuitive and user-friendly online payment platform ensures that students can navigate the tuition payment process with ease. No more confusion—just a straightforward approach to managing your academic finances.


We've been utilizing Sproutly for over a year now, and I must say that the user-friendly interface of the student, staff and vendor dashboard is truly remarkable. The intuitiveness of the platform has streamlined our administrative processes, making it easy for both staff and students to navigate seamlessly. What makes it even more exciting is the convenience of accessing it through our mobile phones, providing flexibility and accessibility at any time and from anywhere.


Rose Belta F.

Adreal University

Sproutly OS
Cutting-edge features for advanced analytics

Explore custom dashboards curated for K12 Schools, Colleges, Universities and Edtechs. Tuition collection, Payment plans, Auto-invoicing, Debt Management, Loans and much more...

Bill and Collect

Send invoices, custom domains invoice links, multiple payment options and actionable reminders that encourages timely payments

Help Families/ Students Plan

Your students and parents can access payment options that makes education costs more manageable and flexible

Receive Payments

Receive and reconcile domestic and international cross border payments from anyone, anywhere in the world- at any time

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