Pay your tuition just like your monthly power bill

Access equal opportunities to keep your kids in school undisrupted through our Tuition to Subscription feature.

Eligibility- your account must be linked to a school and your transaction history must show connection to the school for at-least one school term

Access up to NGN 5M in credits for tuition payment

Access quick loans in 24-48 hours with very flexible repayment plan. We do not need collateral, just your tuition payment data.

Payment plans tailored
just for you
Quick Service
Quick Service

Access flexible payment plans approved in 24-48 hours.

Service Charge
Service Charge

Single digit monthly service charge on repayment. 1st month on us.

No Security
No Security

All we require is your payment and financial history


We can readjust active plans to make sure you are comfortable

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Tuition Payment Plans

What is Cowri?

What is Service Fee?

Who is eligible?

Can I access Cowri for all my Billing Accounts (Students/Kids)?

How do I subscribe for Cowri?

How to apply


Apply for Tuition credit or Payment plan and state reasons for application. Verify your eligibility by login into your dashboard to view the options that are available.

Receive funds

After considering your option, we transfer the funds to your account or approve your payment plan within 24-48 hours business days.


Initiate credit repayment in accordance with the negotiated flexible repayment schedule.

Want to learn more about Cowri?

Share your contact information and a concierge Financial Advisor will reach out to you

Get in touch

Our friendly team would love to hear from you.

Access Tuition credits with super low service charge

Pay tuition invoices with ease and spread your repayment plan- all on us


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