iSave; Sproutly Educational Savings Plan

Saving for college? Save for that next tuition without temptation.

Save and earn healthy interests

Savings are kept separate from main balance, so they won’t spend it by accident, earn interests of up to 15% on your savings.

You can also share your saving goal via a link and have others contribute towards your goal.


Parents/ Guardians asking questions?

Come armed with answers

Everything you need to know about Sproutly iSave

What is iSave?

How safe is my savings?

How much Interest can I earn on my Savings?

Can I access my savings anytime?

How do I start an iSave plan?

What happens when I break my savings before maturity date?

How do I top up my savings?

Can’t wait to start saving?

Here’s the breakdown on all the things you need to know about the Registration process.

How it works


First you have to create a plan by choosing a name for the plan, the duration and target amount


Choose how you want to fund your plan either through automatic debit, manual top up or a combination of both.


Now you can start putting money aside whilst being mindful of your maturity date. You can also share your link and have other people contribute to your savings goal.

What are you waiting for?

Your Student needs? We can help.

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