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How it works

Our innovative cloud-based solution enables you to take full control of your school’s finance.



Your school gets onboarded and is required to complete all necessary KYB. You can onboard multiple schools from multiple locations all accessible on a single master dashboard but with independent managements by inviting teammates and assigning roles.


We verify your account and you can then proceed to complete your setup and customise your entire experience. Once your account has been verified, you can now onboard your student profiles, an account will be automatically created for them and their log in information sent to the registered email and phone number



Now you can start issuing invoices and receiving payments. You can also set how you want your collection process to look like and what happens when an invoice is defaulting. All payments will be settled in your own bank account on agreed settlement period.


You can now fully manage your entire financial process or customise automations. Your parents and students have access to their own accounts where billable are sent. They also get a custom receipt for every payment they make, their transaction details and a copy of their receipt is also available for you on your dashboard, so you don't need to confirm their payments.


We’ve been using Sproutly for over a year now and I can say the intuitiveness of the dashboard is intriguing and the fun part about it is how you can access it using your mobile phone anywhere and anytime. I am always up to speed with payments and transactions, and do not need to give parents invoices or receipts anymore- the platform does it all


Iffy Kazeem

Vicroyale Montessori


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  1. Sproutly is a financial education technology company, not a bank. The Sproutly app facilitates banking services through Providus Bank, a licensed bank and member of the NDIC.
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